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Insights into Impact: Raising Social Impact Awareness Among Pension Funds

Audience Reach:

The report's findings in the press release reached a large institutional investor audience.

Report Views:


The interactive report was seen by a large audience of pension fund investor prospects and clients.

Media Highlights:

  • Investment & Pensions Europe

  • Pensions Expert

  • Pensions Age​

  • FT Adviser

  • Impact Investor​

The Challenge

Big Society Capital (BSC), one of the UK's largest pure social impact investors, wanted to increase awareness of social impact amongst Pension Funds.


However, disseminating dense, data-heavy thought leadership content and effectively communicating it to a broad audience of trustees posed a significant challenge.

Our Solution

Material Impact created a thought leadership report on social impact investing, distilling complex data from exclusive surveys with pension funds into a clear engaging narrative. Institutional investors with a combined £150bn ($200m) in AUM provided the data.


To enhance user engagement of the report, we transformed the information into an interactive report and a one-page, visually appealing map, ready for distribution to institutional investor prospects and clients, as well as the media.

The Outcome

The report's effective narrative and its interactive nature successfully raised awareness of social impact investing amongst pension funds.


The report secured over 21,000 views in its first 12 months, 1, 500 in its first two weeks and significant coverage in the top institutional pensions press.

The Full Interactive Report

Do you need one of these thought leadership reports?

Get in touch with the Material Impact team to beautify your data and make it interactive.


Media results

Press from across the institutional investor pensions world read and reported on the thought leadership paper.

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