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Introducing MiData

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For years, financial services marketing and PR professionals have been challenged to prove return on investment on their activity.  

Now, your team can monitor ROI across digital, events, PR and everything in-between, all in one place, in seconds with Midata – an on-demand, single screen dashboard for busy marketing teams to track their ROI. 

Track the analytics your company cares about. 

MiData is bespoke to your business, so it fits into your established KPIs and reporting format, without the clutter.  

Saves time, is easy to use and look at.  

To track results and monitor performance across your activity. 

Get your actionable insights, on-demand and in a well-presented, boss-ready format in seconds.  

Integrates with virtually any software.  

Making MiData the analytics hub across your business. When the right data comes in an easy-to-look-at package, all in seconds – copy and paste? Bye Bye! 

MiData marks the start of a new marketing analytics movement. 


Moving forwards, actionable data will be more accessible, flexible and empowering. 

We believe it will change how financial services marketing works.  

With MiData, everyone can have the right insights, in seconds.  

By Material Impact Marketing & Communications.  



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