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Material Impact's PR Pulse: The Ultimate 
Fund Administration

PR Ranking



of fund administrators in the top 30 are headquartered in North America.


Of the 100 firms in this report saw their brand interest increase over the time period.


Of the 100 firms we analysed dropped in brand inerest over the period.


Average number of annual media citations globally for across the top 5 firms.

About The Report

In an era where information is abundant but attention is scarce, the role of public relations and marketing professionals in shaping the fortunes of a business is more critical than ever.


As the fund administration landscape becomes increasingly competitive, the need for a nuanced understanding of one's Public Relations footprint has never been more pressing.

It is against this backdrop that we present Material Impact's PR Pulse Report: Share of Voice Plus (SoV+) for the year 2022 - 2023.

Find Out How Your Firm Performs Against 100 Fund Administrators:

  • Share of Voice against your closest peers.

  • Consistency of media citations over a year.

  • Quality of media coverage produced.

  • Increasing or decreasing Brand Interest over time. 

  • International Reach across media.

This report is the result of a deep dive into each company's global public relations and digital marketing footprint. More than a simple ranking, this is a new benchmark in public relations measurement and monitoring for fund administration firms.

Please complete the form below, to download Material Impact's PR Pulse Report 'SOV+ Top 100 Fund Administrators'.

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The Ultimate Fund Admin PR Ranking:

Who Rules the Global Media Landscape? 


Material Impact's PR Pulse Report offers an incisive analysis of the media presence of global fund administrators, ranking them based on a multi-metric system. The metrics include Share of Voice (SoV), Coverage Consistency, Outlet Quality, Brand Interest and International Reach. The study, which covers the period from July 2022 to June 2023, analysed nearly 130 companies, with the top 100 featuring in the final report.

  • Overall Performance: The standard amongst the top one third of firms was very high across all metrics but companies outside the top third demonstrated variable performance. As a whole, firms generally excelled in at least one of the five metrics we looked at but those who performed best were those consistently topping the charts across metrics.


  • Dominant Players: A select few companies, led by Apex, have mastered PR execution, securing extensive media coverage across multiple continents and languages. JP Morgan Securities Services and Crestbridge came second and third in the final rankings, respectively.

  • Top Contenders & Marginal Gains: Several firms are strategically poised for upward mobility with minimal effort. These companies have strong foundational PR and marketing activities but have room for marginal improvements that could significantly alter their rankings.

  • Size vs. Visibility: Larger financial institutions generally underperformed in international media coverage compared to smaller, more focused fund administrators.

  • Outperformers: A subset of companies punched above their weight in terms of geographic reach, outperforming their general rank.

Download the full PR Pulse: Share of Voice+ Report for all our findings and to see how each firm did.

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