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The Challenge

Crestbridge, a fund administrator focused on Private Equity and Real Estate, with over $200bn in assets, sought a distinctive and impactful way to stand out from their peers and appeal to their asset management audience.

They aimed to establish credibility and relevance with Tier 1 asset management, real estate, private equity and fund administration industry publications, to evolve beyond just another service provider and to leverage a PR campaign into generating leads.


Our Solution

Material Impact crafted a unique solution – an advance/decline index we named CAMMI, the Crestbridge Alternative Managers' Mood Index.

The index captures asset manager sentiment on alternative asset allocations, asking whether they will increase, decrease or remain the same.

This created a valuable tool for analysing burgeoning market trends and created something of genuine value for their prospects and the media. 

The Outcome

Our solution elevated Crestbridge's standing in the industry, earning them best-in-class media coverage among top-tier outlets. This media attention was usually reserved for trillion-dollar asset holders, marking a significant win for Crestbridge.

CAMMI continues to position Crestbridge as an industry expert, ensuring ongoing recognition and engagement within the industry and media. It has led to extensive lead generation and has extended Crestbridge the opportunity to make their brand stand out from peers and achieve media recognition beyond that of much larger firms in the fund administration space.

Tier One Media Coverage:


Crestbridge was successfully featured in numerous outlets, including:

Crestbridge's news was covered in PEI's esteemed Side Letter section, getting highlighted on their website and featuring prominently in their newsletter, distributed to a global network of private equity insiders

Following a detailed interview with Crestbridge's lead CAMMI spokesperson, the outlet delivered an insightful narrative from a fund operator's standpoint, emphasizing the crucial aspects of talent acquisition and retention.

Private Debt Investor spotlighted the growth of the asset class, as indicated by CAMMI's predictive Index score, which had surged from a baseline of 50 to an impressive 70, signaling heightened investor interest

Property Week explored the real estate facet of the story, reporting on CAMMI's forecast of substantial turnover within the asset class over the year, while assuring its overall stability

React News similarly reported on the anticipated asset class fluctuations that CAMMI predicted for the year 2023.

Private Equity Wire offered a unique take on CAMMI, focusing on its implications for the private equity sector - an area identified as a burgeoning growth frontier

Funds Europe composed a compelling overview of the news in its entirety, while its affiliate publication, FundsTech, delved into the cybersecurity discussions that fund managers were reportedly conducting with their investors

International Investment penned an extensive article that encapsulated the broad spectrum of topics emerging from the CAMMI research piece.

+ 6 more outlets

Case Study:

Crestbridge & CAMMI –

An Industry Game Changer

Audience Reach:


Our impactful strategy touched the screens of over a quarter of a million prospective clients.

Article Reads:


With this many committed article reads, our copywriting didn't just attract eyeballs - it retained attention


13 articles

Successful outreach to Tier 1 media led to multiple articles being written, citing the client, over a one month period.

Media Highlights:

  • Private Equity International

  • Private Debt Investor

  • Private Funds CFO

  • Property Week

  • Funds Europe & Funds Tech


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