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New Report Debunks Myth: Size Doesn't Dictate Success in Fund Administration PR and Marketing

  • Some larger firms losing brand awareness over time versus smaller firms

  • Smaller fund administrators are winning the PR battle

  • Apex Group beats 100 firms to top position in new Share of Voice+(SoV+) ranking

November 2nd 2023, LONDON -- Material Impact's inaugural PR Pulse Report finds that the size of a fund administrator is not a predictor of success in brand visibility or wider strategic success in general.

The report comes after a four-month research project into the public relations strategy and execution of fund administrators around the world. This insight of size vs strategic performance is particularly empowering for smaller firms and those with budget constraints, as it underscores the value of strategic acumen over financial heft.

Daniel Jason, Chief Executive at Material Impact Marketing Communications said: "Contrary to popular belief, size doesn't dictate strategic prowess in fund administration. Our report shows that smaller firms, with the right PR and marketing strategies, can achieve brand awareness and media prominence that rivals their larger competitors."

The report ranks the top 100 fund administrators, with Apex Group coming first, followed by JP Morgan Securities Services and Crestbridge, who came second and third place respectively. The report ranked firms by five metrics: Share of Voice, Coverage Consistency, Outlet Quality, Brand Interest and International Reach.

The data reveals a competitive landscape where size doesn't necessarily dictate success. Geographic location has a small impact on a firm's ability to excel in PR and media citations; the report notes 57% of the top 30 fund administrators are based in North America. However, there is a clear distinction in media engagement between the broader top 100 and the more elite top 30 and certainly the top 5 firms, indicating room for improvement for many.

Key Takeaways:

  • Size vs. Strategy: The report disrupts the notion that larger firms are more successful, highlighting that strategic excellence can outperform size in achieving media prominence and marketing success.

  • Holistic Excellence: The standout firms were those that consistently put out high quality reports and news leading to large numbers of citations generally but especially amongst Tier 1 press globally.

  • Dominant and Nimble: Apex led in PR execution, with JP Morgan Securities Services and Crestbridge following closely in second and third place respectively. These firms demonstrate that a focused strategy can yield extensive international media coverage.

  • Hidden Gems: Companies like Opus Fund Services, TMF Group, JTC Group and others are strategically positioned for significant upward mobility with just marginal improvements in their PR and marketing strategies.

"This report is a clarion call for the industry. It proves that strategic ingenuity can level the playing field, enabling smaller firms to stand toe-to-toe with their larger counterparts in terms of brand visibility and media citations," said Matheus Almeida, Analyst at Material Impact and co-author of the report.

The report found that the most dominant fund administration firms are based in North America and Europe, though performance between those firms is well balanced, though Europe performed better in International Reach and Quality of coverage whilst North American firms typically received more media citations. 46% of the 100 firms ranked in this report saw their brand interest increase overall over the year, whilst 23% saw it drop, indicating some firms have more work to do on their digital PR and marketing. The top 30 firms received 97.83 media citations through the year.

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About the PR Pulse SoV+ Report

The PR Pulse SoV+ Report offers a comprehensive analysis of the media presence of nearly 130 global fund administrators. It ranks the top 100 based on a multi-metric system, covering data from July 2022 to June 2023 and provides actionable insights for firms aiming to refine their PR and marketing strategies.

About Material Impact

Material Impact, headquartered in London and Chicago, serves as the premier specialist for public relations, content and marketing analytics in the fund administration and broader financial services sectors.

We build data-driven, inventive campaigns that consistently yield tangible, positive outcomes. By offering best-in-class services and leveraging our proprietary data tools, we not only add value but also seamlessly complement in-house teams.

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