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How $200bn Fund Administrator Crestbridge Broke Through the Noise with CAMMI

Standing out in the fund administration space can be challenging. Crestbridge, a fund administrator focused on Private Equity and Real Estate, with over $200bn in assets, faced this challenge head-on with Material Impact's help. With a sea of similar services around, they needed to cut through the noise and reach the Tier 1 asset management audience effectively.

Crestbridge's goal was to transcend their status as just another service provider. They wanted to become thought leaders, distinguish their brand and, crucially, convert their PR activities into valuable leads.

Material Impact stepped in with an innovative approach – we introduced the Crestbridge Alternative Managers' Mood Index (CAMMI). This proprietary index offered a snapshot of asset manager sentiments on alternative asset allocations – a forward-looking tool that would provide value to Crestbridge's prospects, clients and to industry publications.

The creation of CAMMI was a game-changer. It wasn't just about having another metric to share; it was about providing a unique perspective that the market craved. This led to a significant uplift in Crestbridge's industry standing. The media coverage they received was on par with firms handling assets over a trillion dollars, which was a considerable achievement for Crestbridge.

The results speak for themselves:

  • The CAMMI campaign reached an audience of 258,000 individuals, spreading the word to a vast pool of potential clients.

  • 27,900 article reads indicated that the content we crafted was compelling, keeping the readers engaged.

  • With 13 articles published within a single month in Tier 1 media outlets, Crestbridge's voice was amplified across the industry.

Highlights of the coverage included prestigious publications like Private Equity International, Private Debt Investor, Property Week and Funds Europe, among many others.

Not only did this campaign help Crestbridge reach 3rd position in our annual Share of Voice+ report, the firm enjoys continued recognition and engagement in a crowded marketplace. CAMMI has become more than an index; it's a testament to how data-driven PR can create tangible business opportunities.

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