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Data backed, designed for impact.

We combine a data-led approach with creative storytelling and compelling design, to achieve a positive, material impact in the business and marketing objectives of our financial services clients.

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Material Impact?

What they're saying:

Succeeded in arranging interviews with my key executives -- often on short notice -- and in generating a good amount of PR coverage.

Joel Weiden
Vina Capital

Extremely professional. Able to understand the needs and requirements of the business at every level.

Paul Boulton
Lodbrok Capital

Very good out-of-the-box thinking.

Charlotte Valeur
BH Credit Catalysts Ltd.


We bring effective public relations campaigns and digital marketing know-how together, in a thoughtful strategy backed by real data.


Unlock the power of your data! Easily visualise and monitor performance with our powerful, single-view dashboard, MiData™.


Tell your complete brand story with a compelling brand strategy and powerful design.

300+ industry events and awards listed

We've done the legwork. You don't have to spend hours researching every possible relevant event your stakeholders might want to go to.  

Financial Services and

Asset Management Industry Events, Conference and Awards List 

We're on a mission to provide financial services Marketing and PR professionals access to information, data and services that makes their jobs easier.

That's why Material Impact maintains one of the largest databases of industry events aimed at asset managers, investors, fund administrators and other service providers to the industry.

Start or complete your event strategy with this free to access list.


Filter by audience type, price tag & more

Don't waste time with events that don't fit yours or your stakeholders' requirements. We've listed each event by:

  • Investor type

  • Location

  • Price tag

  • Asset class / theme

  • Organiser

Niche asset classes industry events and awards catered for

We've spent our careers enhancing the reputations of our clients, helping them find relevant events for lead-generation. We list both niche and mainstream asset classes and their related events.

Don't miss out

Access our list of financial services and asset management events, whether they're industry-wide or niche asset classes. From awards to conferences, our free database will allow you to explore attendance costs, sponsorship opportunities and more. 

Easily contact event organisers

Each listing in our database comes complete with the URL to the relevant organiser's website, allowing you to quickly explore the most promising events from the list.

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